She started to try and avoid seeing any of the three, making excuses of having jobs in other parts of the house and doing the ones which had to be done in their rooms when she could be sure they were gone.

This backfired in the most awful, spectacular way one late afternoon; she’d gone up to the women’s room and found it was empty, even of Sirena (not the most unusual thing in the world, she could travel in a mobile tub which was usually carried by the Orcish bodyguards and could even be out of the water altogether for around half an hour with no ill effects), pleased to find the room was clear the Pixie set about tidying one of the closets which lead off from the main room, it was full of Sirena’s own minimalist clothes and the Mermaid had remarked about wishing it was organised by the colours rather than the strange system Majida would put them away for her in.

Tabby was about halfway through, stood completely inside the closet when she heard footsteps on the stairs and instinctively wanting to avoid seeing either the master or the mistresses, she grabbed the door of the closet and yanked it closed.

It was of a curious design, paisley shapes had been cut out of the wood to allow light to pour into the little box of a room, or to allow a fearful pixie to peer out at the scene in the main room.

It was Kazhier who’d opened, or rather kicked, the door open, he was carrying Sirena like a new bride in his arms and their lips were locked, her pale, slender arms coiled around his neck to hold him closer still. He pulled back briefly and to growl in a thick voice, ‘You two are in a lot of trouble!’

Majida followed the pair in, choosing to bump the door shut behind her with her backside and reply cheekily, ‘Oh yes, punish us. Preferably with this.’ She darted in close behind her husband and slid her arms around his waist. Sirena blocked Tabitha’s view but by the way Kazhier stiffened she could make a guess at what Majida had grabbed.

‘Fssh…!’ he hissed between his teeth, then upon hearing Sirena’s giggling he grinned and growled, ‘Would you like me to drop you? Because i-if Majida doesn’t stop that I’ll drop you.’

Majida’s face coiled into a pout and she backed off from Kazhier’s body, allowing him to cross the room to Sirena’s pool and lower her gently into the water, though the mermaid kept her arms around his neck long enough to kiss him again and purr, ‘It was mostly Majida’s idea…’

‘Oh you little liar!’ Majida cried, though nothing on earth could have sounded less true. ‘Majida, help me get into Kazzie’s office, you said!’

Kazhier smirked, glancing across to his first wife and raising an eyebrow, ‘And whose idea was blowing me during a very important meeting with my caravan managers?’ he groaned, ‘God knows what they think of me now.’

‘Lucky bastard?’ Majida suggested, then squealed as Kazhier leapt to his feet and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the water, her voice grew higher and more fearful as the water got closer, ‘What!? All I did was come give you a shoulder rub!!’

‘While you knew Sirena was doing that thing with her throat.’ Kazhier pointed out, but seemed to change his mind from dragging her to the water and instead pulled her against his chest, he captured her lips with his own and while she moaned into the embrace his hands gripped at her backside and in the closet Tabitha gasped and pressed back into the wall behind her.

She ought to step out of there right now, quickly explain she was tidying and they surprised her, leave the room at a brisk pace and never speak of this moment with them again.

So why wouldn’t her legs move?

Sirena let out a low whine, her pale lips drew up into a pout as she interjected, ‘Awh, you always prefer Majida over me.’

Kazhier drew away and shook his head, he released his first wife from the tight embrace and stated undoing his own shirt, his stumbling fingers were soon taken over by Majida’s own slightly steadier ones, ‘Don’t give me the sad fish eyes Sirena, you know I don’t play favourites.’ He paused when Majida practically ripped his shirt from his shoulders and threw it to one side, ‘Sweetheart, do you want your pretty little scaled arse groped too?’

Sirena blushed and giggled. In the closet Pixie felt her head bob and she licked her suddenly super-dry lips, she was breathing heavily and she wondered at how she hadn’t been heard, her heartbeat was thudding so loudly in her chest that she felt sure half the city could hear her. Her eyes continued to slide across Kazhier’s bare torso like fine art; he was lightly toned, more than most of the sedentary merchants of the city but less than his Orcish bodyguards, his chest was hairless and the colour of warm honey, his nipples were dark brown and she noticed, erect as her own, which were pressing into the fabric of her dress like rock hard beads.

He knelt by the edge of the pool, allowing Sirena to hold herself upright and curl her arms around his neck, another passionate kiss followed with his hands sliding down her pale back and squeezing at the curve of her tail through the sarong she wore, where on a human woman a backside would have been. His hands didn’t linger there though, slipping back upwards and fiddling with the back of her sparkling, seashell-laden brassiere. When they drew apart Tabitha watched in fascination as the fabric fell away, exposing Sirena’s pale white breasts and cerulean nipples. She didn’t get long to stare at them as Kazhier lowered his head to curl his lips around one of the hardened nubs.

Sirena gasped loudly, ‘Ah! Kazzie… nnh…’ He groaned softly against her skin, stroking and groping at her free breast and the mermaid let out a little yelp, followed by the rather cute toned protest of, ‘Kazzie, be gentle!’

Tabitha’s hand leapt to her own small breast in mirroring movements, she clasped it as best she could in her hand and when the mermaid moaned out these words her own thoughts supplied, damn gentle, bite it!, and she pinched her own nipple as hard as she could without betraying her presence with a moan.

He lifted his head, grinning up at the mermaid, ‘You don’t sound overly upset, sweetheart.’

Majida stepped over to the edge of the pool herself, ‘Of course not, little mermaids like having their tits played with.’ She knelt and reached out one hand to gently bounce Sirena’s smaller breast in her hand, the mermaid herself moaned and her face flushed pale pink at the touch.

Shyly and coyly the mermaid cooed, ‘I wish I had lovely big ones like you Majida…’

Don’t we all, Tabitha added internally, she lifted both her hands to her chest and rubbed her palms up and down her pert breasts, her thighs shifted against one another as a warm sensation started to grow between her legs

Majida laughed at the compliment, waving it off and reaching her hands behind her head. ‘Oh there’s downsides, Sirena, the back and neck ache is murder.’ Tabby saw something in the tension of the fabric of her halter-necked dress was held and watched in fascinated silence as the woman lowered her hands, allowing the top portion of her dress to fall, undone, down to her wide hips, her golden breasts exposed and rapidly followed by her giving her hips a little shake and allowing the dress to slide down and pool around her feet in a ruby coloured pool.

Kazhier and Sirena watched this with expressions of absolute desire. Tabitha bit on her own cheek imagining it was her he was staring at like that.

The sand elf woman smiled in a way that ought to have only been worn by goddesses of lust, she turned, spinning expertly in her 2 inch golden heels and walked slowly around the pool to the side where the stairs lead down into it. She paused only to bend deep and low to undo her shoes, stepping out of them to then slowly wade into the cool water and seat herself on the highest step, meaning the water only came up around her buttocks by an inch or so.

Only when seated there did she toss her long dark hair back over one shoulder and coo, ‘Well? Don’t you want to touch me?’

Tabitha wasn’t sure which of the two she was talking to, seemingly it didn’t matter as Sirena shot across the pool like a woman possessed while Kazhier himself scrambled to his feet and practically ran around the edge of the water.

Sirena reached the woman first and stopped with her hands on the golden elf’s knees, she stared up at Majida with absolute desire, not saying a word, only bobbing slightly in the water, Tabby wondered if the steps were making it hard for her to keep balanced or if it was arousal? Certainly Sirena’s hands were shaking as they drifted up and down the tops of Majida’s legs.

‘What do you want to do, Sweet one?’ Majida purred, her voice treacle-thick.

Sirena shook her head shyly, apparently unable to answer, but her hands clearly could give the answer her lips couldn’t and pushed Majida’s legs apart to expose her smooth and hairless womanhood. For her part, Majida smiled wider and cooed, ‘Oh, go right ahead.’

Permission apparently given, Sirena closed her eyes and Tabitha had to bring one hand to her mouth to cover the gasp as the mermaid lowered her mouth between Majida’s legs. Majida herself gasped and her back arched in response to the touch, her commanding persona slipping enough to allow her to groan, ‘Oh, yesss!’

Kazhier was slower to join, seemingly stopping to watch this little display from his wives. Tabby’s eyes focused in on him and she felt a fresh warm rush flood her body when she saw he was wrestling the ties of his trousers all the way undone, he pushed them and his smallclothes down in one go.

Tabby whimpered, fortunately covered by Majida’s own panting. Kazhier was rock hard, five long, thick and wet inches of golden cock stood out in front of him, her desire for it only deepened when she watched him run his own hand up and down the length. She briefly lifted both her hands to her own face and measured the length by her own palms, committing it to memory and imagination as best she could.

He approached his wives, cleared his throat.

Sirena was the first to look up and lift her head. Majida herself whined and grumbled, ‘Don’t stop…’

Still upon seeing him stood there her smile re-emerged, her voice was all honey again and she purred, ‘Ohh… how should I…?’

Kazhier swallowed hard, his pupils were pinpricks, ‘Lay on your back and squeeze your tits together.’

She obeyed, lying back in the shallow water meant her head and upper body were on the tiles around the edge of the pool and this done, Kazhier knelt down to straddle her torso. Tabby watched with an open mouth as he pushed his rock-hard member between her breasts, a low, sexy groan rose from his throat with every inch.

Sirena piped up, her own voice low, ‘Um, should I keep going?’

‘Do it.’ Kazhier growled in a commanding voice, he bucked his own hips slightly, ‘And you, my darling trouble-maker, get your mouth open.’

Majida scarcely needed a command, when Sirena’s head once again dipped low the golden elf’s mouth opened in any case, a moan rising from her chest which was rapidly muffled by the tip of her husband’s cock pressing up between her breasts and entering her mouth.

Tabby watched the display of thrusting, bucking shapes with wide eyes, she couldn’t resist any more than she could stop breathing and mindlessly one hand slid between her legs to start rubbing her clit in low, lazy circles. More feverish was how quickly her other hand shot up to her own mouth. She pushed two fingers into the warm cavern without any thought, the stimulation of imagining they were his cock thrusting into her mouth only made her wetter. It served to muffle her moans and gasps too, not that she thought the trio would have heard her any way; their own sounds of pleasure were growing louder with each synchronised thrust, as Kazhier drove his cock between Majida’s breasts Sirena would push her head forwards too, the mermaid’s arms curled up and around Majida’s legs to hold the woman in place as she moaned both Kazhier and Sirena’s names.

Tabby let her head rest against the door of the closet, her eyes as close as they could be to the scene before her. Her fingers thrust in and out of her mouth in time with Kazhier’s rutting thrusts, they were growing wetter and sticker by the minute and her womanhood wasn’t faring much better, her fingers drew slishing sounds from her achingly wet lips with each stroke.

‘Ah… ah…’ Kazhier panted, ‘Nh, fuck, Majida…’

Beneath him his first wife whined out her own pleasure at the dual sensations, she arched her back a few times against the weight of his body, ‘Kazhier… I… shit… shit Sirena no, no, no teeth…’ she didn’t sound very emphatic and whatever the mermaid was doing with her teeth couldn’t have been that unpleasant, for only a second passed and Majida’s blue-green eyes grew huge, losing focus on sucking at the head of the cock pressing between her breasts she gasped, ‘Shit… oh… ok teeth are good…. Ah… Si-‘ she wriggled underneath Kazhier’s body, the movement clearly arousing him further by the groan he gave.  Beneath him the golden woman let out a pleasured whimper of, ‘Fuck Kazzie she’s got her tongue in me…

Kazhier grinned down at her and suddenly lifted himself off her, instead growling to Sirena’s bobbing head, ‘Want to make her scream?’

Evidently the answer was yes, as suddenly Majida gasped, her feet bracing on the step to push her hips up into Sirena’s face while the woman cried out, ‘Fuck I’m coming! I’m coming! Ah! Ah!!’ her legs shuddered and Tabby watched, fascinated at how Sirena kept her mouth pressed into Majida’s womanhood, still bobbing with little movements. The mermaid kept this up through Majida’s evidently hard orgasm, only lifting her head a little at one point only to have Majida whisper out, ‘No, no, not yet I’m still coming…’

Eventually her tremors subsided, though she laid there, plainly exhausted. Kazhier smiled down not at her but at Sirena and nodded down at his still hard cock, ‘What am I going to about this, hm?

Sirena beamed back, reaching to her left hip she untied her sarong and tossed the item off to one side, ‘I’ve got somewhere you can put it…’

That was all he needed, animal-like Kazhier splashed into the shallows of the water, seizing the mermaid’s wrists he growled, ‘God I need you right now.’

Tabby’s jaw dropped, her fantasies of him throwing her against walls gaining more fuel with every second. Kazhier turned Sirena around to bend over the edge of the pool, it was only half-forceful, Tabby could see that by how he bent over her back and nuzzled his face into her neck, but it was enough for the domination-based images in her mind.

‘Say you want it.’ He growled. From the angle they were at Tabby had a perfect side-on view to this and she watched with frank fascination as his cock rubbed along Sirena’s backside.

Sirena gasped, ‘I do want you, Kazzie, take me, please?’

Fuck me like an animal, Tabby’s internal monologue declared, much less eloquent.

He grinned and drew his hips back, ‘Anything my sweetheart commands.’ He cooed, then thrust forwards.

Tabby gasped, managing to grab a random piece of cloth from the hooks above her just in time to gag herself. She’d been expecting him to flip the mermaid back around, in her limited experience and lack of knowledge of mermaid anatomy she could only imagine Kazhier had just thrust right into the mermaid’s arse, certainly her high squeal and his sudden tender comment of, ‘Sirena, didn’t hurt you did I?’ seemed to allude to that.

The mermaid shook her head rapidly, ‘No, god you feel so good!’

This alone was enough to drive the pixie to press her fingers to her own back entrance, only teasingly poking there for now, curiosity and arousal fuelled her exploration. She circled the puckered hole with her fingertips a few times; she wasn’t sure if it was from previously sucking on her digits or the fluid from her drenched womanhood, but she felt rather lubricated. Still uncertain she glanced back to her performers.

Sirena was moaning, loudly, her hands scrambling for purchase on the tiles in front of her while Kazhier continued to slam his hips into hers, every movement sent another tremble through the mermaid’s body.

Well, she seemed to be enjoying it.

Tabitha bit down hard on her makeshift gag and thrust her index finger into the tight, unyielding entrance. Her eyes shot open and she was grateful for the gag suppressing her squeal. It hurt yes, more of a sharp sting than anything, but she was shocked to find it felt… well, good. Maybe it was because she was watching him doing the same to Sirena? Imagining him driving that hard, hot length into her?

In fact, she thought as she worked her finger in and out in time with his deep thrusts, it felt amazing. With a little pressure she was able to work a second finger into the clenched cavern. She slipped her free hand to her neglected pussy and was delighted to find she could stimulate herself there too, rubbing her palm against her clit she wasted no time in pressing her fingers into her aching, desperate womanhood.

She leant forwards again, eyes fixing on watching Kazhier, the way his muscles moved, his neck muscles cording and his arms tensing as he rocked into the mermaid’s smaller frame, the line of sweat at his brow and the curious tightening of his jaw while sharp, biting groans escaped his lips.

Tabitha’s hips were moving on their own, she shifted to take her weight on her thighs and started to bounce her body up and down on her hands. She wanted him, she wanted him so much.

Sirena moaned in her high pitch, ‘Oh Kazzie, it’s so good… mmh…!’

Across the room Majida sat up from her pleasured stupor, still looking orgasm-drunk she cooed, ‘We’ll have to cause trouble more often if this is our punishment.’

This statement froze Kazhier’s hips, In the closet Tabby groaned in frustration, while Sirena’s own eyes went wide and she hissed, ‘Majida, shut up…!’

‘That’s right, you’re both in trouble,’ Kazhier mumbled, he had a strangely calm smile on his face and his voice was that of having just remembered an important task.

He pulled backwards sharply, causing Sirena to whimper and push herself upright, she turned to snap across the room, ‘Majida I was almost there, why did you-?’

Kazhier cut her off with a deep kiss, a hand on her chin to tilt her into his body, ‘Shh, sweetheart, have I ever let you down?’

The mermaid shook her head and Kazhier lowered his mouth close to her ear. Tabby strained to hear what was whispered there but found nothing reached her hiding place. Her hips wriggled and bucked of their own accord on her hands as she watched the two move, Kazhier lifting the mermaid up onto the edge of her pool before growling, ‘Come here Majida, get on top of her, I’ve got an idea.’

Majida looked as curious and baffled as Tabitha felt, still she did as she was asked and straddled the mermaid, Tabitha internally thought the woman looked strangely natural in such a masculine position, only Majida could fulfill a male role with such dominance and still seem feminine. The ebony-haired beauty looked over her shoulder at her husband with a somewhat worried expression, ‘Is this right, darling?’

Kazhier nodded, Tabby noticed his eyes fixed on a spot between both his wives, Majida’s womanhood exposed by her position, Sirena’s scales dipping like the most indecent garment in the world and showing off the curls of pale blue hair that marked her own feminine flower.

She cottoned on to his idea about a second before he started it, hauling himself out of the water (God, wet, golden muscles had no mercy for the pixie) and kneeling behind the two. He didn’t ask or give any warning, there was no need to, any fool could see the two women were aroused beyond measure and equally welcoming. He simply thrust himself balls-deep into Majida, rousing a deep moan from her before he pulled fully out and thrust back, this time into Sirena’s tight body.

Tabby squeaked, louder than she realised, evidently.

Kazhier stopped suddenly, in puzzled tones he asked, ‘All right, girls?’

‘Yes!’ Sirena whined in a demanding pitch.

‘Keep going!!’ Majida added in her own desperate tones.

Kazhier shrugged and apparently dismissing it, resumed his sharp, precise thrusts. Both the women gasped and whined in delight, their hips surging into each other’s as they tried to follow Kazhier’s cock with each thrust. Tabby was amazed there wasn’t greed or jealousy here, on the contrary their movements only seemed to be driving both women into further realms of pleasure, at one point Majida lifted herself a little to grope at Sirena’s breasts, something which made the mermaid’s hips buck up against Kazhier’s thrust and made a cry leap from her mouth that was somewhere between their two names.

Thrust after thrust, Tabby leant back against the wall and jammed fingers in and out in time with each jerk of Kazhier’s hips, she was barely able to focus on what she was watching now, her mind was flooding with the gold-skinned man, him pressing her into walls, throwing her over things, bending her double and fucking her like she so badly wanted him to, kissing her like he kissed them, picking her up like she wasn’t anything and thrusting her onto a table top…

‘Shi…shit I’m close…’ His growl was an epic symphony.

‘Ah… ah… faster…!’ Majida or Sirena? She wasn’t sure, Tabby only knew she felt the same.

There were twinned shrieks of delight in the main room, one echoing in a strangely melodic fashion that sent pleasurable tingles down Tabby’s spine, but it was the sound of Kazhier’s deep moan, the sight of him pulling backwards and jets of white leaping from his cock and splattering across Majida’s backside and Sirena’s tail, the sight of his back muscles clenching like some great weight was lifting slowly from his back, that was what sent Tabby into a spasm of orgasmic squeaks that she was sure would reveal her hiding place, her antenna stiffened miniature antlers . Only by biting down on the cloth in her mouth could she keep quiet, only by clenching her leg muscles and fluttering her wings frantically did she stop herself falling until the pleasurable waves slowed enough to let her quietly lower herself against the wall, sweating and panting hard into her gag. Around her legs the glittery pink-tinted fluid of her pleasure was a shameful puddle.

In the main room Majida whined, ‘Ah… I’m all sticky…’

Sirena sighed, ‘Me too.’

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